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Ecotrop Whipped Topping Cream Tropolite (1kg)


Ecotrop Whipped Topping Cream Tropolite (1kg)


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Note – This is frozen product and only ship to local Zip Pin-code 421301

whipping cream used for icing and decoration of cakes and pastries also use for topping milkshakes mocktails coke ice-creams .

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Tropolite Egg Less Whipped Topping Cream, Liquid, Packaging


Water, Sugar, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Caseinate, Emulsifiers(INS 433, INS 475, INS 491), Stabilizers (INS 461,INS 415, INS 412), Vegetable Protein, Common Salt and Acidity Regulator INS 339(ii) Contains Added Natural Identical Flavour (Vanilla)

 Product Specifications : 

Usage/Application :                  BAKERY
Type                           :                  Egg Less
Form                          :                  Liquid
Packaging Size         :                  1kg
Shelf Life                  :                   12 Month
Protein                      :                   0.81gm
Carbohydrate           :                  25.4gm
Energy                       :                  239.84 Kcal
Sugar                          :                 25gm
 Note: Be careful do not over whip as over whipping may cause the cream to settle down.
Weight 1000 g


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