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Mala’s Kiwi Crush 750ml

Mala’s Kiwi Crush 750ml


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mala’s kiwi crush 5l pet bottle for use mocktails,cocktail ,milkshakes & toppings serve whti chilled water /milk to be mix with water 1;4,1;5

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kiwi fruit packs a revitalising punch that makes it a great addition to a summertime drinks menu. Share the playful nature of Mala’s Kiwi Crush in your thick shakes, smoothies, mocktails…use as a topping for Ice-cream and desserts .

INGREDIENTS : SUGAR ,KIWI PULP (25%), WATER ,THICKENER (INS 440), ACDITY REGULATOR (INS 330, INS 331), Firming agent (ins 509 ). 

Weight 750 g


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